Bow Brickhill Community Hall

The Bow Brickhill Community Hall building consists of the main hall and a separate meeting room. These rooms can be booked independently, or the entire building can be booked. We welcome bookings for meetings, small parties, exercise classes or other events.

The hall is used by various groups including:
  • Bow Brickhill Brownies
  • Bow Brickhill History Society
  • All Saints Lunch Club
  • All Saints Church
  • Guitar Club
  • Yoga and Pilates Classes
  • Ducklings Pre-School
  • Polymnia Choir
  • Winter Drop-in

The hall is managed by a committee made up of Bow Brickhill residents and hall users.

The Bow Brickhill Community Hall was built in 2021 to provide a community facility for the social, leisure and educational interests of all residents of Bow Brickhill and the surrounding area. This building replaces the Church Hall built in 1898 on ground belonging to Bow Brickhill Parochial Church Council for the benefit of residents of Bow Brickhill. Like the original building it has been funded by the generosity of the community. We hope the new hall will be of service to the community for the next 120 years!
Outside Hall