Conditions of Hire


Application for the use of space in Bow Brickhill Community Hall (BBCH) must be made on the appropriate application form at least 14 days in advance of any proposed event.

Applicants will be advised by email if their booking has been confirmed or declined. Bookings accepted by the BBCH Hall Manager will be considered to be firm as soon as payment of both the charge and the Security Deposit are received. Cancellation of a booking must be received in writing 1 month before the event date in order to secure the return of all monies paid. After that time BBCH Management Committee reserves the right to return only the security deposit.

Individuals or groups who wish to use the Hall for the purpose of public entertainments should check whether a licence will be required. The requirement to seek a licence for such an event lies solely with the individual or group using the hall for that purpose.

Discounts on the hire rates are available for community centred events.

All setup / dismantle and cleaning time must be included within the period of the booking.

Health and Safety

Before the hire can be confirmed the potential hirer must give sufficient information about their activity to ensure that the activity is suitable for the venue and the space booked. In the event that the use is different to that which is disclosed prior to the hire, the Management Committee reserve the right to cancel all future bookings by the hirer, or the hirer’s organisation.

If the hirer is providing a coaching, teaching or instruction service then copies of relevant qualifications and personal indemnity and public liability insurance must be provided. The details must meet the requirements of relevant governing bodies for the activity.

Persons hiring space will be responsible for the activities undertaken with respect to personal indemnity, public liability and health & safety upon the premises and surrounding spaces. This includes, ensuring DBS Checks are carried out (where appropriate), the provision of adequate supervision and the implementation of the emergency procedures by their group while on the premises. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the ratio of participants to leaders / carers in any activity meets any current guidelines covering that activity, and that all relevant regulations are adhered to.

The group leader is responsible for ensuring that group members access only those spaces of BBCH included in the hire agreement. The activity of the hire must not disrupt other users in the building. In the event activity does disrupt other users, then the hirer causing disruption may jeopardise their future bookings and in extreme cases may be asked to leave the premises forthwith which will result in the immediate termination of the Hire Agreement and the forfeiture of any fees paid by the Hirer for the disrupted session.

Detailed information and guidance on local arrangements will be available from the Hall Manager, provided during induction, supported by in-situ relevant notices and signage.

An on site induction meeting between the hirer or person leading the hirer’s group and the Hall Manager will be arranged prior to the start of the period of hire. This session is to ensure that the necessary information and instructions are provided and understood. This procedure will be followed for each new or renewed hire, or where the hire group leader changes. The hirer must be present at the opening and closing of the hall. No suppliers will be allowed access to the hall until the hirer is present.

There should be no drugs, creams or medication of any description stored permanently or temporarily on the premises without the express permission of the hall manager.

Hirers must comply with government regulations relating to COVID-19 or any other health issues.


Hirers will be held responsible for the disposal of all rubbish created during the hire, including tissues and cleaning cloths. Hirers are welcome to leave one normal black bin bag of rubbish in the rubbish bins outside the hall. All other rubbish should be taken away.

Fire & Emergency Evacuation

All hirers must comply with the actions identified in the Bow Brickhill Community Hall Fire Risk Assessment, a copy of which is available on the website or by request.

Equipment & Facilities

Snow, smoke, and bubble machines are not permitted in the hall. Confetti is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

BBCH Management Committee recommends that all portable mains operated electrical devices and equipment brought onto the BBCH premises have a current Portable Appliance Test Certificate. The liability associated with the use of the devices and equipment lies solely with the hiring organisation. The Management Committee will not accept responsibility for the consequences of operating uncertified electrical equipment within the BBCH.

Equipment provided for hire includes: oven, hob, single fridge, kettle, limited crockery, limited glasses, garden furniture, large children’s play equipment, furniture such as tables and chairs and wifi – the hall manager will confirm the items available during the planned hire. The Management Committee is not responsible for either the quality and or reliability or even guaranteed availability of equipment as it is provided on a reasonable endeavours basis. There are no grounds for compensation in the event of shortfalls and or failings of such service and or equipment supply during hire.

Use of Hall equipment is authorised on the basis that only competent and authorised persons are allowed to use it. Charges will be incurred for the replacement or repair of any equipment, fixtures, fittings or building fabric, due to misuse or neglect. Bow Brickhill Community Hall reserves the right to withdraw permission to use any equipment.

Hirers will be shown how to use equipment upon request. All provided equipment must be used for the purpose for which it has been designed. All defects or damage must be reported immediately.

Unauthorised use or misuse of equipment may result in the termination of the hire and forfeiture of any fees paid.

Damage to the Hall and its surrounds

The use of the hall for the purposes it was designed will be granted only on conditions stated below:

  • For sporting/exercise activities non-marking sports footwear must be worn.
  • For dancing light shoes only will be worn and no substance will be applied to the floor.
  • For meetings or other activities where outdoor shoes will be worn inside the hall, the hirer is required to exercise caution to prevent damage or staining the varied floor coverings. The user is required to either adequately protect the floor or prevent users from wearing inappropriate footwear that may cause damage. The hirer must ensure that suitable footwear is worn at all times – footwear that will not cause damage to the flooring. Particular attention is drawn to high heel shoes, tap shoes and or footwear with studs, spikes, points and or heavy grips, all off which can cause damage.
  • Nothing should be allowed to be dragged over the floors, to eliminate the risk of damage to the floor coverings from such actions.
  • The Table Trolley must not leave the storeroom as this can potentially cause damage to floors, walls and doors.
  • The hirer will ensure walls, woodwork, doors, fixtures and fittings are always respected and steps taken at all times not to damage the same through carelessness, intention and/or ignorance.
  • Children must be supervised at all times especially if using the children’s garden.
  • Young children shall be helped and escorted down the external steps to the children’s garden at all times.
  • Storage space may be available in the store room in the hall – specific requirements should be discussed with the hall manager. There is no provision for storage in the grounds of the building.
  • Nothing shall be pinned, stuck and or fixed to any part of the building. Any repairs arising from a failure to comply with this detail will be charged to the hirer in all cases. This condition applies to both the internal and external surfaces.
  • Plants in the landscaped areas will not be grubbed up.
  • Walls, equipment, furnishings or surfaces of any description (other than designated areas) will not be defaced in any way with pens, markers, chalks, paints, any other marking material. The same surfaces will not be cut into, scratched or damaged by sharp or heavy tools or equipment.
  • All balloons must be removed. A pole is available on request if any balloons are lost high up.

It shall be within the discretion of Bow Brickhill Community Hall Management Committee:

  1. To modify or to discontinue a hire, subject to appropriate notice of the proposed change being given to the hirer;
  2. To refuse occupancy or to terminate any hire without notice, and without assigning any reasons, in any case where, such action is deemed necessary.

Bow Brickhill Community Hall Management Committee reserves the right of entry to the premises and surrounding areas at all times, for their staff and/or representatives and/or contractors. The Management Committee will aim to give notice of such intrusions; however, that may not always be possible.

Children's Garden

Prior to using the children’s garden, the hirer must satisfy themselves that the area is clean and prepared, and generally safe for young users. Whilst in use the area must be properly supervised at all times. Use of equipment provided by Bow Brickhill Community Hall is at the hirer’s risk. The hirer may be required by law to carry out their own risk assessment prior to use.

No food or drink other than water shall be consumed whilst in the Children’s Garden. There will be no picnics barbeques, naked flames or smoking. All toys and hirers equipment shall be removed following the hire. Any defacing of surfaces especially walls, steps, gazebo, fencing is strictly prohibited. Any cleaning and or repair of such surfaces will be charged. Bow Brickhill Community Hall, the Hall Manager and the Management Committee take no responsibility whatsoever for failings in hygiene or failure to properly and effectively supervise users of the Children’s garden.

The Hall and surroundings are a no smoking zone

No smoking is permitted in or around the hall; this includes the garden areas and entrances, gates and or thresholds.

Alcohol, Gambling and Public Performance Licences

No Alcohol should be provided on the premises without being detailed on the hire application form and gaining the prior approval of the Hall Manager. The consumption of alcohol may be permitted where the activity is provided free of charge by the organisers or where patrons supply their own alcoholic refreshments, provided under-18s are not allowed to partake. Necessary licences to sell alcohol must be obtained 4 weeks in advance of the event. Evidence of the licence must be provided to the Hall Manager.

No gambling will be allowed on the premises.

When music is played either recorded or live then the appropriate licences must be obtained by the hirer.

In the event any licence laws are infringed then all fines and or costs will be met in full by the hirer. Legitimate Management Committee costs associated with such infringements will be met, without exception, by the hirer.

Loud Music

Music, either live or recorded shall not be played at such a volume that it can be heard outside the building. The Community Hall is located in a residential area, and it is the intention of the Management Committee, conveyed to hirers through this agreement, to prevent a noise nuisance to the surrounding houses. No music shall be played in the garden areas.


Where groups wish to use kitchen facilities, this should be clearly indicated on the Hire Application form. The Hall Manager will liaise with the groups accordingly whether this will be possible and under what conditions. It is recommended that food preparation is supervised by someone holding valid Food Hygiene certification. BBCH Management Committee takes no responsibility whatsoever for failings in hygiene. In the event of food being dispensed and or sold, the user/hirer fully indemnifies BBCH Management Committee at all times and against all claims and losses.

In the event of a food incident where sickness is caused by a hirer then the full costs of appropriate deep cleaning the premises, will be met by the hirer.

Car Parking Arrangements

There are no designated or dedicated parking spaces connected with the Bow Brickhill Community Hall. Hirers are required to inform anyone connected with their booking who are likely to drive to the Hall – to attend an event, drop off someone at an event, collect someone after an event, or deliver items for an event, to park with the utmost courtesy for the neighbours of the hall. Where possible, parking in Church Road should be limited in order to minimise disruption to the residents and through traffic. Some parking is available at the bottom of the hill, and also in the car park at the Pavilion accessed via Rushmere Close, off Station Road.

Inconsiderate use of Church Road, and complaints from the neighbours will be factors in approving a hirers future bookings for the use of the Hall.

Shared Use

Where two hirers in separate spaces wish to have the use of the kitchen, this will be notified by the Hall Manager during the booking process. Where kitchen sharing is agreed during the booking process, both hirers are expected to cooperate and arrive at a mutually acceptable arrangement for access and use. In the event the two hirers cannot operate successfully together then the Hall Manager can intervene and his/her decision is final. There will be no adjustment of hire fee to either user. In other words, the kitchen rather like the entrance hall, external shelter, cycle rack, entrance path and emergency routes are communal in practice.

Equality and Inclusion

The Management Committee have prepared an equality and inclusion statement which is required to be followed by all users of the Hall. A copy will be made available on request, and can also be viewed on the Hall's website.

Delegated Responsibility

In the case of a regular user, the Management Committee may consider it appropriate that the user puts forward a named trustworthy representative to:

  • Complete checks prior to locking up the premises – check all taps, check all toilets and the kitchen area.
  • Ensure all equipment and materials are cleared away and properly stored.
  • Close and lock all windows.
  • Check all doors, excluding the exit point, are locked and secure.
  • All plugged appliances are disconnected from the socket.
  • Ensuring all hired areas are left as found with chairs and tables correctly stored.
  • Ensuring all hired areas have been cleaned and checked for damage. Any defects and or damage or areas of concern should be reported immediately to the hall manager or BBCH management committee member.
  • Turn off all the lights.
  • Intruder alarm is armed and fully operational.
  • Sign the Premises Closed sheet situated in the acrylic dispenser in the Main Store alongside all the cleaning equipment.
  • Lock the main exit door and check it is locked.
  • Return the keys to the 'Key Safe'.
  • Text the BBCH contact to confirm the premises are locked and safe.