Equality and Inclusion

Equality and inclusion is not about treating everyone in the same way but about treating everyone fairly and with respect and recognising that people from different backgrounds may have needs that are met in different ways.

The Committee is committed to: -

  • Encouraging a supportive and inclusive culture in the community by creating a positive place where everyone can enjoy an environment which is safe, enjoyable and respectful
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in its activities
  • Processes, practices and culture; - processes and practices that are transparent and open to scrutiny.

We give the following specific commitments: -

  • To treat our volunteers, employees, user groups and hirers equally and fairly irrespective of age, disability, ethnicity (including race, colour and nationality), gender, gender reassignment, religion or belief, political views, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity (Under the Equality Act 2010 these are known as "protected characteristics")
  • Where practical to provide facilities and remove barriers to enable any member of the community (e.g. those with disabilities, the elderly, young people, parents with pushchairs) to use and participate in activities in the Community Hall
  • Within the parameters laid down in the Constitution of the Management Committee to select candidates for the Management Committee, volunteers and employees on the basis of their aptitude and ability
  • To ensure that volunteers, employees, user groups and hirers are aware of this policy
  • To challenge unfair discrimination, inequality or exclusion
  • To deal with complaints of unfairness and discrimination appropriately, promptly and impartially