`A Reverse Raffle’ raises £500

`A Reverse Raffle’ raises £500

06 May 2021

On behalf of ASTRA  I would like to thank the organisers and all you who supported the `Reverse Raffle’.  It sounded like a crazy idea but was actually great fun and a huge success.

Congratulations to the King family who won the main prize.  I know it has found a good home!

Sincere thanks to Ann Sidgwick who masterminded the whole thing, who stood out in the freezing cold Saturday morning along with Trish Wilby for the draw. You raised an awesome and critical £500 for ASTRA just as we approach the finish line with all those myriad of additional costs .

Thank you to Andrea Spurdle and Luke Hallet for the wonderful back room work you two undertake, so effectively and to Gill Cannell and Mary Preen for being such good sports, always willing to muck in and who walked around the village delivering prizes!

But most of all, a huge hug to Trish who lost her dear son Adam before Christmas and who’s Christmas gift was this raffle’s star prize.  At such a difficult time in her life, she still thought about how to help ASTRA achieve its mission that of building a new Community Hall for our village. 

I am in no doubt that Adam would be so very proud of his Mum facing her huge loss so bravely.  It seems very fitting that the chairs and beautiful oak tables that will form the centre piece of our new village meeting room will serve as a memory to Adam and his very generous Mum Trish.

Thank you one and all, you are what community is all about.

Alan Preen – Chairman